Taxi Taxi

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Utvecklare: PuzzleBox Games
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Fed up never getting a cab? Cant flag one down when you want?! Well, stop complaining and see how hard commanding a fleet of taxis is!

Work the shopping mall, pick up the customers, contain your road rage, and make the $$$$ to win the game!

But be careful. If you crash your taxis or bump a pedestrian, youre fired!

The think quick, act quicker game from PuzzleBox Games. From now on youll love your taxi driver!

Move your taxis into their parking slots and pick up your fares. Be quick as the mall is busy and people need taxis all the time! So dont stop hustling for fares or your taxis are going to crash into each other & the game is over!

Oh, and mind the pedestrians, they dont know any better, but they dont want to be bumped but if they are then youll lose the game!

Strap in and keep hold of your road rage!